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So, you want to join the network as a contributor. Please read the following. Then, if you are in agreement, contact us! truthinlovenetwork@gmail.com

Podcasters and Content Creators that desire to join the Truth in Love Network…

Most of the members of the Truth in Love Network would adhere to one of these confessions of faith. 1646, 1689 Baptist Confessions, The Westminster Confession, or the CoGDF. Otherwise, below will be a brief statement of faith in which we all can find agreement. We believe this Statement of Faith is an accurate summary of biblical truth and is useful as a guide in interpretation. In itself, it has no inherent authority over the conscience. The sole authority for faith and practice over the Church is Jesus Christ, whose will is revealed in His word, the Bible.

I desire to be in the Truth in Love Network. I therefore, and hereby, sign in faith and good conscience that I agree with and commit to the Truth in Love Network document on Participation.