Want to be a Friend of the Network?

So, you would like to become a friend of the Network? Fantastic. Please read the following. If you are in agreement, contact us! truthinlovenetwork@gmail.com

Being a Friend of the Truth in Love Network 

Combating Biblical Illiteracy- Calling for Biblical Unity - Conquering for the Kingdom

Loving and serving King Jesus leads us to love and support Christian organizations, ministries, and businesses that are seeking to conquer for the Kingdom. In other words, Jesus is Lord of what you do. We will not ask you to pay for ads. We simply want to support you. We feel it appropriate that this support be mutual. We simply ask you show your support for Truth In Love Network and it's participants through a meaningful and public showing of support. This could be through business cards at your physical location, using our logo on your internet sites, and sharing our programs and events.

We would ask that you and your business or ministry hold to a protestant, Biblically conservative confession of faith.