Statement on Women Pastors and Preaching

Truth in Love Network on Women pastoring and preaching

This is not a defense on why we believe what we believe. This is simply a statement to provide transparency concerning our position. The Truth in Love Network, in its entirety, believes that the office of pastor/elder/bishop/under shepherd and the preaching of the Word are only for Biblically qualified men according to the teachings of God found in the Bible. This is the only practice that can be derived by an exegetical study of Scripture. Any defense in opposition to this belief comes from arguments outside of Scripture. There is historical evidence for a gradual downgrade in commitment to a high view of Scripture and moral living once a church decides to hold as constitution the allowance of woman pastor and preacher. 

The Truth in Love Network has a unique dynamic. Members of our network come from different theological beliefs and protestant denominations. All of which are orthodox to the faith. This statement is a reflection of our efforts to show grace where we disagree and sensitivity to the consciences of our brothers in Christ.

Offering grace in differences is an admission that there are theological issues to which our convictions could be wrong. However, convictions of the conscience can lead us down different paths, yet we can remain brothers in good fellowship. This is the case, sometimes, with the issue of women pastors and preachers. We, as the Truth in Love Network, do not disagree with the clarity of Scripture on the matter. However, there may be differences of conscience when it comes to association. Here is the official statement of the Truth in Love Network.

You are a member in good standing with the Truth in Love Network if in the case:

The purpose of the statements concludes with a two fold purpose for the members and non members of the Truth in Love Network. First, within orthodoxy,  separate from the essentials of the Christian faith, we offer grace. Second, we offer freedom to minister where God calls to members that uphold the aforementioned statement, to minister light without compromising the position of the Network. Allowing this type of freedom does not condone nor promote the belief in women pastors or women preaching.