Truth in Love Churches Network

Welcome to the Network

Our Focus

To bring glory to God through the unity of the global body Christ

Our Goals

  • To love and serve the elders in our network churches.

  • To build up fathers and husbands, building Christ centered homes.

  • To empower local congregations to Biblical worship and service.

  • To strengthen our network churches in Biblical Health and to promote the planting of Biblically Healthy churches.

Our Distinctives

We believe this Statement of Faith is an accurate summary of biblical truth and is useful as a guide in interpretation. In itself, it has no inherent authority over the conscience. The sole authority for faith and practice over the Church is Jesus Christ, whose will is revealed in His word, the Bible.

  • The sole authority for faith and practice over the Church is Jesus Christ, whose will is revealed in the Bible. Therefore, we believe and zealously want others to know that the Bible is God's written revelation of Himself to humans and is true, authoritative, and sufficient for life and godliness;

  • God, being absolutely and infinitely perfect, just, kind, wise, and sovereign, is worthy of all honor and obedience;

  • Every human from fertilization until death is worthy of love and respect as a person created in God's image.

  • At the same time, we are all naturally rebellious, corrupt, and in need of God's forgiveness and supernatural transformation;

  • In His mercy and in order to display the magnificence of His grace, God became a human in Jesus Christ to rescue sinners from is own justice;

  • Sinners are brought into a right relationship with God by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone; by trusting in Jesus' obedience, death, and resurrection in our place, believers are set free from sin's penalty and given a new nature so that we progressively become more like Jesus in our hearts and in our lives;

  • The Church exists to grow in trust, grow in love, and grow disciples, worshiping and working together as His chosen and graciously cherished people;

  • One day Jesus will return bodily to completely destroy sin, death, and Satan. Then, all of creation will enjoy Him fully.

Our Churches