Abolishing Abortion


Honoring Life

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will visit the websites of Personhood Alliance, Abolish Abortion NC, and Love Life. Also, by watching the videos below, you will be able to make a well informed decision concerning your involvement in this movement in your local city, county and state.

"We seek to stop the killing of pre-born children without exception, and we reject the regulation of abortion." -Personhood Alliance

If you live in  Lincoln County, NC, please sign this electronic petition to make Lincoln County a Safe County for the Preborn. Thank you! Scan QR code or click here.

We also desire to honor all life. If you live in Lincoln County, NC and are parents from pre-born to adult children, please check out these local Christian health care organizations that seek to honor Jesus and serve the community. 

 Doula Service - Emily Kiser

Collier Family Medical - Amanda Collier

Crisis Pregnancy Center - Lincoln  Co.

*The films shared on this website from YouTube, Babies are Murdered Here and A Storm Comes Rolling Down the Plain, are not affiliated with Truth in Love Network. We are sharing because we believe in the content. 

*Personhood Alliance, Abolish Abortion NC, and Love Life are different organizations that are not affiliated with one another or with Truth in Love Network. Some see major differences between the groups. I respect their opinions. However, I see the groups as having the same goal in mind, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and abolishing abortion. Personhood Alliance has as their focus the county and city. Abolish Abortion NC seeks as their main focus, the state. Therefore, I have no issue promoting both groups.